Cherishing ”warmth, gentleness,
harmony with nature"

Striving to be a strong company that is gentle
on the environment and kind to people
Reliable : We work toward building relationships of trust with all people who interact with REP, including customers and manufacturers, for mutual development and prosperity.
Energetic : We are always trying new challenges not with the fixed ideas but rather with the bottom-up management.
Party : We strive to be a company where individuals are free to present their opinions and the people and the company grow together working diligently to learn from one another.
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It can easily carry up to 40? of contents and features a cold and heat temperature retention function. It is equipped with convenient features with fine attention to detail.
Despite the reasonable price of 1,200 yen it is woven from high-quality Indian cotton, and will last a long time even if used every day. It also comes in a wide variety of designs.
"More fun and more freedom" Your living partner "kumppani". A lifestyle wear series that makes your day more enjoyable every time you put it through your sleeves.